How to Slay at Fall Family Photos:

If you’re considering shooting Fall Family Portraits in Asheville during the month of October, here are a few helpful pro tips to help you kill it! 🙂

  1. Book you session NOW, girl! Not kidding! October is by far the busiest month for portrait sessions in Asheville! All photographers in Asheville refer to this singular month as complete and utter insanity! It’s September 16th and I only have 10 available sessions in next 45 days. I am booked with family portrait sessions every day during the week and then 2-3 weddings every weekend. Insanity!
  2. Prep your Wardrobe!! Remember to choose a theme color & find a way to subtly weave that color into everyone’s outfit choice in some way! It’s easier to start with one person’s shirt/dress or whatever — maybe a plaid or a pattern and then select colors for everyone else based on the colors found in that plaid or pattern! Don’t be afraid to wear layers & incorporate interesting pops of color or textures into your outfits!
  3. Talk to your Photographer. Here at Asheville Family Photography, we schedule a pre-session phone consultation prior to your family photo session where we chat about location options, timing, wardrobe & logistics etc! We chat about your family’s needs & about your children, their personalities & their schedules etc. to plan for a successful session! This is an integral part of Slaying your Fall Family Portrait Session! How’d that old saying go?…. if you fail to plan, plan to fail!?
  4. On the day of your session, don’t be running around with those kids all day before you session! Family Portrait Session day should be pretty low key prior to your session! We want well rested, fed, happy kids for your late afternoon portrait session, mmmmkaaaayyyy!? 🙂
  5. TRUST your photographer!!! Relax. Any photographer with children knows better than most that being in front of the camera is the worsssst. It’s nerve wracking to give up control, to feel anxious and insecure, to be stressed out and overwhelmed because your children (who are usually angels) couldn’t possibly just behave for this ONE hour. I GET IT MAMA! I’ve been there. Take a deep breath and TRUST that we’ve got this! 100% 🙂 You’re going to cherish the outcome. Promise!
  6. Try to have a little FUN! The point here is to dress a little nicer than normal to hang out for an hour in a picturesque fall, mountain location with your family! The point is to make some actual memories! Relax, Laugh, Snuggle, Tickle, Hug, Smile. These are the moments. Be present in them! I’ve got the rest! XO

See ya soon!?


Get in touch ASAP if you want one of those 10 remaining spots for this fall!

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