5 Red Flags to Watch Out for when Hiring your Wedding Vendors:

Award Winning Asheville Wedding Photographer shares 5 Red Flags to look for when Hiring your Wedding Vendors.

Hey future Mrs!! How’s Wedding Planning treating you?Are you finding time for yourself, for self care in order to manage the stress? One way to reduce your anxiety from the very beginning of the wedding planning process is to hire professions that you trust 100%!! I’m sure you’ve heard a few wedding vendor horror stories. But the good news is: I have over 11 years of industry experience working with wedding vendors & I can tell you exactly what to look for and what to avoid!

Red Flag: #1: Poor Communication – Your vendors should absolutely be treating you as a top priority but I’m (always) gonna keep it real with you… it’s important to manage your expectations of those vendors as well! Try to remember that your wedding vendors have lives, families, responsibilities and other obligations outside of their profession and other clients to manage, etc, etc, etc! But, I will say that a reasonable amount of time to wait for a vendor to respond is about 48hrs. You can get annoyed after that 48hr mark has passed! 😉 I try to respond to my clients right away if I can, within 24hrs but definitely within 48hrs unless I’ve got something major going on! Hot Pro Tip: Get their cell number incase of emergency and it’s a real emergency that you need an answer about right away, text them (but not at like 11pm!) 😉

Red Flag # 2: No Reviews – Soooooo unless they’ve been living under a rock, reviews are the legitimizing lifeblood of a business. Reviews from previous clients tell prospective clients what they can expect & reassure them that they’re making a wise decision. If a vendor has no reviews, that’s a huge red flag, in my opinion. You want to see reviews of the vendors you select not only on their website but also on unbiased platforms that they can’t control, like Google. I’m gonna add to this and say: look at how many reviews they have and compare that to their rating. If you have a vendor with a 5 star rating and only 3 reviews well, that’s pretty easy to achieve, isn’t it!? If you have a vendor with 4.8 stars and 50 reviews, that tells me that they’ve been in business for a while and they’re pretty solid. I personally would be skeptical of a vendor without at least one nasty review from some crazy bird on the internet! Because here’s the thing, there are some people in this world who you will never, ever please. We all know them. Vendors get tangled up with them from time to time too! So, if a vendor has less than 5 stars, read those nasty reviews and read their response to it and then compare that to the glowing reviews left by their satisfied customers to gauge what you’re dealing with!

Red Flag # 3: No Website or an Out-of-Date Website – Again, unless they’ve been living under a rock, your vendors need to have a website, hello 1999! 😉 It’s essential for you to see recent work from the vendors that you’re hoping to work with. In the world of wedding photography for example, artists grow and change and learn new techniques every year and maybe their style changes over time. Their website should reflect their recent work so that you can see what they’re producing NOW! Girl, listen, I get BUSY AF from May – December and there are VERY FEW website updates happening during that time but every single year in January/February, you better believe I’m updating that site and adding some of my recent work from the previous wedding season! If a vendor has an out of date website, that would tell me that they’re either not providing services anymore or they’re too busy, in either case, I would proceed with caution!

Red Flag #4: No Full Galleries of their work – When hiring your wedding photographer, if after you’ve taken a Deep Dive into their Website, Blog and Past Client Reviews, if you’re still not convinced, request to see a full gallery to get an idea of how they capture the entire wedding day. Just because a photographer has a pretty Instagram Feed doesn’t necessarily mean they have consistent coverage throughout an entire wedding day. If they don’t have a full gallery to show you, you should keep it move’n! While non-photographers may not have full galleries of their work to show, it’s still pretty important to have access to a more in-depth look at their work than what social media posts can provide. Think Florists or Hair & Makeup… DJ’s/Bands – should have a youtube channel with some video footage from an actual wedding reception, etc. (the legit one’s do!)

Red Flag #5: Your Gut Feeling – More than anything, you should trust your gut feeling about a prospective vendor if you sense something is off because we have those instincts for a reason! 😉 As far as Wedding Planners/Coordinators, Photographers & Videographers — you need to ask yourself: “Could I be friends with this person?” Because the reality is, you’ll most likely be spending about 75-85% of your Wedding day WITH them! Feeling comfortable and at ease around them is important!

Allie + Michael will always be one of my all time favorite couples! They were so sweet and so wonderful to work with! I love them so much! When I had Noah, it was so special to me to introduce him to Allie when I was in Charlotte & then they had their sweet baby, Carter a year ago & I got to the opportunity to photograph him last spring as well! 🙂 I build friendships with my clients that last through the years and it’s such a JOY to watch as their families grow!

Engaged couple shares an intimate moment in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

Here’s what Michael & Allie had to say about working with me: (ps – I rebranded last year when I bought AshevilleWeddingPhoto.com!) 😉

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