Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure Wedding

Kaley & Braden

So — when you’re a Wedding Photographer, there are no “do – overs”, no “re-dos”, no sick days, no makeup weddings… YOU HAVE TO BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT!!

I would literally have to be in the hospital to miss a Wedding and it’s only happened once in ten years and I was giving birth! 😉

On the day of Kaley & Braden’s Wedding down in Lake Lure (which is a full hour’s drive from Asheville), I do my usual thing, I prep my gear, I have breakfast & play with my baby, I get ready & luckily, on this day, I head out the door a full hour before I needed to leave to get there on time because I needed to get gas & grab some new batteries, etc. So, I get all the gear on the porch and I click the key fob and nothing happens. Again. Nothing. I go to the car and try to put in the key code on the driver’s door. Nothing. I can’t get in this car!!! It’s a 2017 so it doesn’t even have a key hole to get in manually… Naturally, I panic and call my neighbor who (God Bless him) without missing a beat offers up his Prius for me to drive! I call road side assistance to come get in my car and get it started while I was gone, gas up, get the batteries and hit the road JUST barely making it by the skin of my teeth to arrive when I was suppose to!

All this to say: Our dedication to you as your Wedding Photographers is 110%. It is not lost on us how incredibly stressful and important your Wedding Day is! Girl, we’ll be there, no matter what! (lol) and XO

Our favorite things about this Wedding:

Kaley & Braden were so incredibly sweet!

The Venue, always love shooting down at Rumbling Bald!

Phil Lingle with Asheville Marriages is the besssst!

And that Wedding Cake by Short Street Cakes <3

The DJ was fire! (Jumping Juke Box from upstate SC – which also isn’t far from Lake Lure!) IDK if Kaley & Braden had a hand in choosing the music but it was LIT the entire night!

This is a link to a catchy little tune he played (you’re welcome!) Old Town Road

The catering at Rumbling Bald is always sooooo goooooood! 🙂

Shady Grove Flowers killed it on those beautiful arrangements!

The ladies of Roan Weddings — I feel liiiikkkke…. we could be friends! <3 xx

Anywho, enjoy this little glimpse of Braden & Kaley’s Big Day! xo

Kaley & Braden, Congratulations & Thank You so, so much for entrusting Asheville Wedding Photography with your most precious memories of your Wedding Day! Check your email! <3 xo

(but first share this post! we need the web traffic on the new site! lol #serious)

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