Rumbling Bald Resort Wedding – Allison & Mitchell

A Gorgeous Fall Wedding at Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure!

Allison & Mitchell’s Wedding was one of my Favorites from the Fall of 2018! They were Married on the peak leaf day the fall season at the Beautiful Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure, NC (just about an hour through the mountains, outside of Asheville proper!) It poured & poured rain in the days preceding their Wedding Day which was the catalyst for the stunning, vibrant fall color on their big day!! All that rain made the colors of everything so rich & vibrant! That gift from Mother Nature coupled with Allison’s amazing Wedding style — What a visual feast! ENJOY!!!

In the past, when blogging, I always included SO MANY photos for a couple reasons: 1. because I love all of the images and can’t decide which to share and which to skip and 2. because I wanted to tell the (complete) story for you but — YA’LL — I’ve been struggling to be consistent about Blogging (forever) but especially since I became a mother! And now that I have a 2yr old to chase all day long, I just don’t have the time for these really in depth blog posts anymore! I want to keep blogging but I just don’t have the time to shoot, edit, deliver galleries, handle inquiries, bookings, contracts, invoices, book keeping, marketing and advertising, and on and on and on & being a MOM!!! So, Blogging going forward’s gonna change a little! I’m going to (force myself) to only share my five images from each section of the day (Details, Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Portraits and Reception!) I’m gonna try real hard to stick to this limitation so that hopefully I can achieve my goal of being more consistent & regularly blogging!!! xo Brittany

An area of Rumbling Bald that I hadn’t really paid much attention to until those leaves on the mountains were screaming at me to pay attention! 🙂

Allison’s Dad cracked me up!!! He was a boisterous, charismatic South Carolinian with the accent to match! One of those quintessential jokesters, a flirt, who loved a good laugh & shagging! My favorite kind of Wedding Dad! 🙂

I hope this little girl grows up & cherishes this image of her dancing with her Grandpa!

And they lived Happily, Ever, After! xo


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