Uptown Charlotte Engagement Photographer – Jesse & Julie

When you’ve been friends with someone for as long as I’ve known Julie Rabon, you become the kind of Friends that feel more like Family.

You become the kind of friends that share in all of Life’s many ups & downs…

You are there for each other to divide the heavy burden of sorrow or disappointment, you encourage each other & make each other laugh! You multiply each other’s JOY and you CELEBRATE the big milestones in each other’s lives because you’ve been ROOTING for each other all along! 🙂

Julie has been one of my very best friends since I was 5 years old!

{and I’ll tell ya, I never thought she’d get over JTT – that’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas for those of you who don’t get the Home Improvement reference!} LOL 🙂 jk

I digress…

There have been seasons when life has taken us in different directions, but when it’s a bond like ours, you’re ALWAYS rooting for one another, no matter what!

A little over a year ago, when Julie called to tell me about Jesse & that he had come back into her life after several years apart & told her that he had never stopped thinking about her & that he had never stopped missing her & told her that he wanted to move back to Charlotte to be with her, to give their relationship the real chance that it never got…

{Jesse moved away shortly after they met but they always kept in touch and saw each other when they could!}

I could hear it in her voice… Julie was hopeful, she was excited & THIS was different!

After Jesse moved to Charlotte, I would spend time with Julie & Jesse whenever I would come to town & I was SO Happy for my friend because it was clear, that Jesse was PERFECT for her!

When they face timed me at Christmas to casually show me a Big, BEAUTIFUL Engagement Ring, I CELEBRATED that WIN for them!

I was SO Happy for my friend!

So Happy that she & Jesse found each other again, So Happy that she’s found her life’s partner!

Over the last year, I’ve gotten to know Jesse &  I’m just so impressed with what a patient, kind, funny, wonderfully loving man he is for my friend.

I am SO. HAPPY for the two of them & I am SO Honored to be their Wedding Photographer! 🙂

I cannot wait to witness their I’DO’s this October at Eseeola Lodge in Linville, NC!

We shot their Engagement Portrait Session last month while I was in Charlotte

Julie, Jesse & I poured over wardrobe choices and bopped around to a few different places in Uptown Charlotte for their Engagement Session!

My FAVORITE photos are the ones where they make each other laugh! 🙂

Congratulations you two!

I’m so incredibly HONORED to be part of it!














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